Asylum Hill: Meet Us Where We Are

Asylum Hill: Meet Us Where We Are

Hartbeat Ensemble scored a huge hit with its February 5-7 production of Asylum Hill: Meet Us Where We Are, as part of its Neighborhood Investigative Project. Performance art at its best, this play is based on interviews with Hartford’s South Marshall Street residents. A powerful portrait of people and families coping with the unrelenting stress and struggles of living on this infamously troubled street, all the while yearning to find hope and happiness. With a boost from organizations collaborating with the residents to create opportunities and raise the quality of neighborhood life, there is reason to believe positive change is coming. 
What is the Neighborhood Investigative Project? “Through interview based theater, Hartbeat Ensemble brings the stories of each Hartford neighborhood to life, helping the community to celebrate accomplishments and visualize solutions to common struggles.” 
As its mission statement reads, “Hartbeat Ensemble creates provocative theater that connects our community beyond the traditional barriers of class, race, geography and gender.” Check out the Hartbeat website to find out more. Be sure to subscribe for updates, and set your schedules for future productions.
Don Shaw, Jr.
Writer and Editor

One thought on “Asylum Hill: Meet Us Where We Are

  1. I love the idea of using storytelling when faced with difficult challenges. Forming that emotional connection can help us understand others' perspectives – especially if we haven't grown up in poverty ourselves.


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