The Connecticut Forum: Bishop Gene Robinson on the Solidarity of the LGBTQ Community

In the wake of the horrific tragedy in Orlando, The Connecticut Forum‘s just released Video of the Week is timely and essential viewing.  The Forum’s words quoted below speak for themselves. Please take a moment to read them. Then watch the video clip of Bishop Gene Robinson.

“Earlier this week a mass shooting was targeted at the LGBTQ community, in a space that was meant to be a place of celebration and safe haven. Our hearts are with all of those who lost friends or loved ones in this tragedy.
In this newly released clip, Bishop Gene Robinson, the first openly gay Bishop, talks about threats of violence directed at him and his family and the LGBTQ community in general, as well as the solidarity and strength of that community.
Robinson was joined on the panel by Dan Savage and Martina Navratilova, with Jonathan Capehart moderating. The Forum Being Gay took place on October 5, 2013 at The Connecticut Forum.”


Don Shaw, Jr
Writer and Editor

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