The Gift of Dignity

With Christmas rapidly approaching stores are brimming with potential presents anticipating the post-Thanksgiving throngs rushing to buy the right gift for the right person. Gifts are the currency of the holidays. Given in the right spirit, gifts are important symbols expressing our love and affection for family and friends. Being on the outside looking in during … More The Gift of Dignity

Divisiveness: A Weapon of Mass Destruction

What’s the opposite of welcoming? Unwelcoming. What’s the opposite of inclusion? Exclusion. Welcoming is inclusive, unwelcoming is exclusive — it’s divisive.  Divisiveness is a weapon of mass destruction. It destroys families, communities, and countries. It’s a plague. It sickens, weakens, and often kills its infected hosts who refuse to realize, until its too late, that … More Divisiveness: A Weapon of Mass Destruction