“The time is always right to do what is right”

It’s August 2017. The United States of America is in the grip of divisiveness and hatred. A grip tearing our social fabric. A fabric woven of freedom and fairness for all people as envisioned by our country’s founders. A fabric celebrated in our Constitution. The Constitution of the United States of America is a framework … More “The time is always right to do what is right”

Rising Voices of Hate: Andrea’s Story

Andrea Comer is my friend. Her friends are many. Her reach is far. She lives the legacy of the United States’ history of discrimination, segregation, insults, and injustice toward the “other” through her and her family’s experiences. It’s personal. It matters. It hurts. This past year I wrote several blog posts about racial and religious … More Rising Voices of Hate: Andrea’s Story

Hip-Hop to ArtsMentors June 17

“Mentoring can happen in any moment, whether it is during a simple conversation or going to an event together. ArtsMentors invites you to conversations and performances to have your mentorship moments at the Autorino Center for the Arts.” Its an opportunity to nurture your relationship and forge new ones. ArtsMentors is a creation of Steven Raider-Ginsberg, Director of the Autorino Center … More Hip-Hop to ArtsMentors June 17

Homer Found a Home

Homer arrived quite unexpectedly at Rev. Marjorie Davis’s home in early April. He was a fluffy little thing, cute and cuddly, in need of a home — but what was she to do with Homer? How could she help him?Marj is hardly what I would call a retired UCC minister. She’s always working on some … More Homer Found a Home

Jody Made a Difference

“Think about yourself and what you do for your community. You are making a difference by helping one or two even if you cannot help the whole community. Just pick one at a time. Remember you are making a difference.” — Jody Putnam Mary Joellen “Jody” Putnam’s philosophy recalls the last line of The Starfish Story,”It made … More Jody Made a Difference

Making Kafar’s Dream Come True

Ethiopian refugee Kafar Hassan’s dream is coming true. Forced to leave his son Robel behind in Johannesburg, South Africa where they had found safe haven for several years, Kafar arrived in Hartford’s Asylum Hill neighborhood in 2013 when resettled by local Catholic Charities Migration, Refugee and Immigration Services. In Asylum Hill he found welcoming support and … More Making Kafar’s Dream Come True

The Path to a Kidney Transplant: Following Georges’ Lead

For people on the list to receive a kidney transplant the path is long and arduous, marked with anxiety and frustration. As one would expect for anyone with a serious chronic illness personal and family stress is high, often debilitating. In January I wrote about Georges Annan Kingsley‘s desperate need for a kidney transplant, and his … More The Path to a Kidney Transplant: Following Georges’ Lead

Hartford Welcomes Immigrants and Refugees

Scared, scammed, stressed, and searching. That’s how many of my immigrant and refugee friends feel.  Scared because America’s current political climate fosters fear of the stranger, and rejection of minorities. Scammed because too often immigrants and refugees coming from authoritarian and repressive countries don’t know whom to trust. They get ripped off by intimidating imposters … More Hartford Welcomes Immigrants and Refugees

A Welcome Resource

“What a striking contrast between what we’re doing in this city, and this neighborhood versus what’s going on in Washington. Some people build walls. In this state and this community we embrace people,” proclaimed Connecticut State Representative Matt Ritter at the Asylum Hill Multicultural Resource Corner ribbon cutting ceremony on January 26, 2017. Ritter’s comments … More A Welcome Resource