Indifference Helps the Oppressor, Never the Oppressed

Indifference manifests itself in ignorance, silence and blind acceptance. Turning our backs to the injustices suffered by the marginalized, vulnerable, and victimized in our local communities and around the world is a weak and heartless admission that the status quo is just fine with us when it doesn’t affect our lives directly — at least … More Indifference Helps the Oppressor, Never the Oppressed

Embracing Diversity on Franklin Avenue

“Common Ground” is the headline of a story about  Hartford’s historic South End neighborhood embracing diversity — diversity of culture, diversity of religion. It’s about this long-time Italian-American neighborhood welcoming Bosnians who fled “a bloody civil war,” and who now, as Bosnian-Americans, are renovating their mosque, the Bosnian American Islamic Center. Take a moment to read Hartford Courant … More Embracing Diversity on Franklin Avenue