A Perfect Match

On Saturday, October 20, 2018, Georges Annan Kingsley awoke to a new life. Georges received his long awaited kidney transplant the night before. A perfect match, his new kidney worked immediately. This perfect match was on top of another successful transplant just twenty-three days earlier. On September 27, 2018, the United States welcomed Georges as a … More A Perfect Match

The Path to a Kidney Transplant: Following Georges’ Lead

For people on the list to receive a kidney transplant the path is long and arduous, marked with anxiety and frustration. As one would expect for anyone with a serious chronic illness personal and family stress is high, often debilitating. In January I wrote about Georges Annan Kingsley‘s desperate need for a kidney transplant, and his … More The Path to a Kidney Transplant: Following Georges’ Lead

My Friend Needs a Kidney Transplant

Georges Annan-Kingsley is my friend. As a long persecuted political refugee from Côte d’Ivoire, Georges suffered chronic, stress-induced hypertension causing his kidneys to fail. After a long, courageous bureaucratic struggle to escape western Africa via Ghana, aided by the French consulate, Georges received medical refugee status in the United States. He arrived in near fatal condition. He … More My Friend Needs a Kidney Transplant