Saving Children and Marines in Mogadishu

A scarlet, key-laden lanyard hung around Khadija Mohamud’s neck. The gold lettering was unmistakable: United States Marine Corps. My question obvious; her answer emotional. Khadija’s story quickly unfolded. “Two Marines were forgotten, left behind. I had to do what I had to do,” Khadija said recounting her unhesitatingly selfless call to action in saving two U.S. Marines in war torn … More Saving Children and Marines in Mogadishu


Dr. Reza Mansoor is my friend. He is a friend to many. He opens paths. He clears paths. He is a stonecatcher.  I first met Reza several years ago while building Habitat for Humanity homes in Hartford. He was on the Muslim Coalition of Connecticut (MCCT) crew. The assembled construction crews were part of Hartford Habitat’s interfaith collaborations designed to … More “Stigmatized”

Meet Your Muslim Neighbors Building Bridges in Community

“Building Bridges in Community.” It’s the motto of the Muslim Coalition of Connecticut (MCCT). Nabeel, Sameer, Shaq, Nour and Faseeha, five young Muslim leaders and professionals on the rise, were living that motto last Saturday volunteering at a Habitat for Humanity home being built in Hartford. As a Hartford Habitat board member, I met with them briefly simply … More Meet Your Muslim Neighbors Building Bridges in Community

“Getting to Know Your Muslim Neighbors”

The Congregational Church in South Glastonbury‘s “Getting to Know Your Muslim Neighbors” program promises to be an excellent interfaith learning opportunity. Rev. Richard Allen and South Church have been on the vanguard of interfaith collaborations for years. I’ve seen first hand the good works of South Church and the Muslim Coalition of Connecticut through my … More “Getting to Know Your Muslim Neighbors”

“Unveiled” – Portrayals of Five Modern Muslim Women

Rohina Malik presents “Unveiled” at Hartford Seminary, April 2, 2016, at 2:00pm. From the Hartford Seminary website: “Playwright, director, and actress Rohina Malik brings her one-woman show, Unveiled, to Hartford Seminary. Malik invites attendees to an afternoon of tea and stories, told from her portrayals of five starkly different modern Muslim women. Through these monologues, … More “Unveiled” – Portrayals of Five Modern Muslim Women

Build for Unity: Stand Together

In Sacramento, Muslims, Interfaith Groups, and Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento, standing together against cultural and religious intolerance, announced on January 20, 2016, a Build for Unity national challenge. This Build for Unity video captures the essence of the challenge. Sacramento’s Build for Unity project brings together members of the Muslim and interfaith communities to fund and build homes for two local families … More Build for Unity: Stand Together

Embracing Diversity on Franklin Avenue

“Common Ground” is the headline of a story about  Hartford’s historic South End neighborhood embracing diversity — diversity of culture, diversity of religion. It’s about this long-time Italian-American neighborhood welcoming Bosnians who fled “a bloody civil war,” and who now, as Bosnian-Americans, are renovating their mosque, the Bosnian American Islamic Center. Take a moment to read Hartford Courant … More Embracing Diversity on Franklin Avenue

Honest Conversations with Muslim Neighbors

Hosted by the Greater Suffield Interfaith Council, this Conversation is an an excellent opportunity to learn more about our Muslim neighbors as they reach out to share their stories.  To RSVP and for more information, please email the CT Council for Interreligious Understanding, or call First Church of Christ, Congregational at (860) 668-7223. Don Shaw, Jr.Writer … More Honest Conversations with Muslim Neighbors